Start Taekwon-Do

Start your Taekwon-Do journey by joining our 10-week intensive course this spring! 

When: Tuesdays, 19:30-21:00 from 7.2.2023-11.4.2023.

Where: Liikuntakeskus Alfa, Raunistulantie 15, Turku

Who: Anyone aged 13 years and older, no matter your fitness level

How much: 40 €

How to register: Send an email with your basic information (name, year of birth, phone number and email address) to

Further information about the course below.

10-week intensive course (7.2.2023–11.4.2023)

During this intensive course, you will take your first steps along the path to becoming a Taekwon-Do practitioner. You’ll get to punch and kick both the air and targets, boost your fitness and increase your energy levels, learn some self-defence and gain extra confidence, develop yourself both physically and mentally whilst also learning a bit of Korean and about the inspiring history of our sport. You’ll be training with a fun and welcoming group of people with a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Taekwon-Do is the perfect place to make new friends! The course is suitable for everyone, no matter your age or physical fitness level. We make sure that our classes accommodate all new students in a way that allows them to progressively get fitter and stronger whilst practising this fantastic traditional Korean martial art. Our intensive course is led by our experienced instructor Hannah Byron, I Dan. The course is taught in Finnish and English. 

Training is held at Liikuntakeskus Alfa (Raunistulantie 15) on Tuesdays from 19:30-21:00. The first two weeks of the course are a free trial, and registration is open until 21.2.2023. After that, new students are required to pay the course fee of 40 € (see section on pricing below). For your first training sessions, we recommend that you wear a comfy t-shirt, and loose sports trousers or leggings. You need to be able to kick comfortably in whatever you choose to wear. We also recommend slippers or flipflops for walking between the changing rooms and the training area, as well as a water bottle. Watches and jewellery should not be worn during trainings, and new piercings should be protected with tape. 


The first two classes are free of charge, after which new students must pay the course fee of 40 €. The fee includes your own training bracelet with 10 trainings pre-loaded on to it and a beginners’ theory package. 

Should you find yourself in the position where you are unable to pay for the whole intensive course in one go, you may request a discount from the club’s board. The board members will consider such requests on a case-by-case basis. We hope that everyone can practise Taekwon-Do if they wish, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. 

After the course ends

After the intensive course finishes (11.4.2023), new students are welcome to continue training in our continuation course, held three times a week at Alfa:

Mondays 19:30-21:00, instructed

Tuesdays 19:30-21:00, uninstructed

Wednesdays 19:30-21:00, instructed

To participate in the continuation course, there is a membership fee of 20 € and a training fee of 10 € for the rest of the spring season. New students also need to obtain a national training license for 32 €. If you are already registered in MyClub, the 20 € membership fee and 10 € training fees will be sent directly to you from there once we are aware of your wish to continue training. You can register to MyClub via the following link: myClub (more info: In English –> Membership)

It is strongly recommended for all practitioners of Taekwon-Do to acquire suitable insurance. Martial arts classes are not typically covered by typical accident insurance policies. Insurance can be purchased while obtaining a license – more information is available on the In English page.

At the end of the season there will be a belt exam, where new members can obtain their first belt. The exact date is to be confirmed, but the exam is usually held in May. The cost of the belt exam is 25 €.

Training suits (dobok) are not included by default. Students usually acquire their first dobok after their first belt exam. Our teachers will inform you if there is an opportunity to get a dobok at a good price, e.g., through a bulk order. More information about belt exams can be found on the In English and Vyökokeet (only in Finnish) pages.

To join the continuation course, simply enrol to the next suitable training in MyClub and turn up on the day! We will send the appropriate invoices once we know you are planning to continue your Taekwon-Do journey.

Further information and registration

To register for the course, send us an email with your basic information (name, year of birth, phone number and email address) to and we will glad you tell you more!